From 1st November 2013, applicants who apply on our website to participate in our voluntary work program will be paying the fees listed below:


1 month 584 €
2 months 796 €
3 months 1.008 €
4 months 1.220 €
5 months 1.432 €
6 months 1.644 €
7 months 1.856 €
8 months 2.068 €
9 months 2.280 €
10 months 2.492 €
11 months 2.704 €
12 months 2.916 €

to foreign office

30 € (once)



You are paying for once:

  • 174 € - Organization of project and host family
  • 108 € - Airport pickup cost

    • Covers transportation cost to an from the airport for both Volunteer and staff member, as well as other costs such as food and lodging in Accra (if necessary). It also covers food during the orientation period as well as travel cost to host project or family.
  • 31 € - Language course and orientation

    • Before starting work at the project you will be given some lessons in the local language (Twi) and also issues like expectations, fears, prejudice, cultural differences etc. to be prepared for your stay in Ghana.
  • 39 € - "Volunteer welfare" (emergency responses cost)

    • For keeping regular contact (regular visit) with Volunteer in the project. It also covers cost of contacting and maintaining at least one local contact person in the project or host family who prepares, introduce and generally help Volunteers integrate into the host family and project and also provide 24/7 emergency support to the Volunteers.
  • 20 € - Support to LoszuGhana Project (Children's Village)

    • This is the organization's own charity project for orphans and needy children. By Volunteering with LoszuGhana (NGO), you automatically contribute to supporting a life at the LoszuGhana Children's Village.
  • 30 € - General costs of the foreign office

    • Including developing and maintaining a website, postage costs, legal fees

You are paying for each month:

  • 77 € - Administrative costs of LoszuGhana Office in Ghana

    • Including all the costs incurred developing and maintaining a website, sending mails, office rent as well as accounting, legal fees and staff allowance
  • 135 € - Feeding and Accommodation

    • Monthly feeding cost covers the usual 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as well as drinking water which will be provided by host family or host project.
    • Accommodation cost includes donations to host families, house tax, electricity and water supply at the project, host family or hostel during your stay in the project.


All fees must be paid in full in fulfillment of requirements of the programme participation. Please note that fees can be paid in Euros or Ghana Cedis equivalent.

The current exchange rate is shown here:


For more information contact us on (Ghana) or (Germany)