12 Marraskuu 2013 by douglas

LoszuGhana Children's village project has fulfilled the promises with the help of all donators to provide home and education for the needy and less privilege in the society. We have achieved that in September 2013. Thank you all for making it possible. LoszuGhana Team :D
26 Heinäkuu 2013 by Administrator

The head of the German Association just arrived in the office in Ghana.The next days we will have conferences with topics about the voluntary work programme and the LoszuGhana Children's Village. For the next weeks the Head of the German Association is available at: 00233 (0) 264 690708
1 Heinäkuu 2013 by Christina

Unfortunately we had problems with our website provider the last few days. This meant that it was not possible to open our website. However, the problem was solved and everything is working again. We apologize for this inconvenience. Best wishes, Your LoszuGhana Team
26 Tou 2013 by douglas

 Dear people of LoszuGhana,
20 Joulukuu 2012 by douglas

Merry X'mas to all the Board members both locally and international of LoszuGhana Association( NGO) . 2012 is a successful year for the organization and we hope to strengthen our work in 2013. On behalf of the office in Ghana we say a very BIG THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR EFFORT. Together we stand to...
11 Joulukuu 2012 by douglas

Ghanaians went on election to elect our president and parliamentarians on december 7th. The election went on successful and LoszuGhana congratulates all Ghanaians for exercising such a peaceful election process. We hereby invite people around the world to volunteer in one of the most peaceful...
11 Joulukuu 2012 by douglas

Volunteers have arrived safe to begin their work in our various projects assigned to them. LoszuGhana has had one of the successful year with volunteers patronizing our service in 2012. The general public are invited to volunteer with us in 2013. regards from the office and merry Xmas in advance...
11 Joulukuu 2012 by douglas

Volunteers, staff and donors has helped push the project very far in 2012. Currently farming activities, kitchen and work on the first building is in progress. The General public are invited to come and work with us or donate into our account to support the progress of the work.
7 Syyskuu 2012 by douglas

LoszuGhana has welcomed their volunteers in the month of september to volunteer in their various projects. The rest are yet to arrive in the month of October to December. Volunteers are need to support our other projects. You are welcome to volunteer with a professional voluntary service we...
7 Syyskuu 2012 by douglas

LoszuGhana team and sponsors are working together to ensure that the opening date of the children's village project to commence as stipulated. The general public are encouraged to support a good course to provide home for street kids and Orphans. Funds, volunteers and materials are needed to...
31 Maaliskuu 2012 by douglas

LoszuGhana is purchasing a four acre plot of land to undergo a massive farm project which seeks to raise funds and food to support the children village project. The farm will be consisting, oil palm plantation, Corn / maize farm, sheep,Goat and Poultry farming, Fish farming etc. The project is...
9 Maaliskuu 2012 by douglas

  LoszuGhana  representative Douglas has made series of presentation in European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands and Germany in 2011-2012 about Africa and Ghana in primary Schools, Gymnasiums, Youth clubs, families  and...
9 Maaliskuu 2012 by douglas

9 Maaliskuu 2012 by douglas

LoszuGhana has embarked on European tour  2011-2012 to promote the organization by making presentations in gymnasiums, churches, families and youth organization about voluntary work programmes the organization offers to the general public.  
18 Helmikuu 2012 by douglas

Volunteers are needed in our various project. People who are interested in volunteering in Ghana with us are welcomed. We offer the volunteer a flexible way to join us and help in our project. visit our website for more info
18 Helmikuu 2012 by douglas

Volunteers and staff members are working every weekends at the project site of the on going childrens village project. General public and volunteers from other organizations who are interested to join us to work are welcomed. Greetings from LoszuGhana branch in Germany. Douglas 
31 Joulukuu 2011 by douglas

LoszuGhana staff and Volunteers wishes the general public and public viewers a happy New year and may 2012 be a successful year for all. We are looking forward to welcome our volunteers arriving in 2012. regards, Nkrumah Douglas Yaw
24 Joulukuu 2011 by Tabea

Merry Christmas to all volunteers, friends and supporters of LoszuGhana! May 2012 be as successful as the last year was for all of us. "The ultimate expression of generosity is not in giving of what you have, but in giving of who you are" Johnnetta B. Cole
19 Marraskuu 2011 by douglas

Today is a sad day for LoszuGhana as one of our Voluntary staff member, Wuah  lost his father. The satff and volunteers of loszuGhana attends the funeral rite of Wuah's father who has passed away  a month ago due to a short illness. We all wish wuah words of encouragement as he...