LoszuGhana HIV/AIDS Awareness Creation


Interactive campaigns on HIV/AIDS disease in villages, towns and social institutions around Kumasi and Sunyani, it’s suburbs and beyond. Campaigns are conducted in different forms including door to door, schools and community based campaigns which often employs the use of Public Addressing System like megaphones, community radio broadcast, projector presentations etc.) Campaign teams are usually assisted by language translators or personnel to assist in the translation of speech and text, to and fro the local languages for optimum understanding by audience. Target groups range from 12 years and beyond in all selected communities.
Volunteer work:
1. Research and Compile current and detailed information of HIV/AIDS on:
  • Transmission
  • Causes
  • Prevention
  • Stigmatization
  • Treatment
  • Etc.
2. Develop campaign plans and measures for different age groups and levels.
3. Develop and use different techniques to such as mind map, brainstorm to gather/collate information on views of HIV/AIDS.
4. Explain and Correct misconception about issues of HIV/AIDS
5. Develop concepts for teaching stigmatization and its effect.

Volunteers are hosted in host families with separate room for intern/ volunteer in the same house.
Kumasi and Sunyani