About us

The Structure of the Organization

The Organization loszuGhana consists of the parents loszuGhana Association NGO in Ghana and the three branches loszuGhana e.V. in Germany, LoszuGhana Association in Sweden and loszuGhana Association in Switzerland.

How the organization is structured and the several NGOs are connected you can discern from the following chart:

The parent organization LoszuGhana Association NGO is based in Ghana and has set out to arrange volunteers involvement in social and cultural projects within a reasonable budget so as to foster better communication among nations in a non-commercial manner. The Division of Volunteer Placement is run in cooperation with the partner organization LoszuGhana in Germany.
The loszuGhana Association (Switzerland) and Lindome LoszuGhana Association in Sweden was set up from former social service workers and motivated young people in 2009 and is based in Switzerland. Currently, the goal of this association is to support the construction of the LoszuGhana Children's Village (www.loszughana-orphanage.ch).

How it all started:

In early 1999, the passion to support volunteering work in Ghana has been one of the main objectives of which young and dynamic Ghanaians became involved to help built Ghana and also promote Globalization preached by the World at large. We have been involved in several voluntary work in the Country. We have worked with several organizations both international and Local to promote volunteerism in Ghana and Africa at large.

In 2008, two young social workers; Douglas Yaw Nkrumah (Ghanaian) and Yaw Asare (Ghanaian) who was then mentors for foreign volunteers for a bigger organization saw the need to team up with M (German) and Peter Dwumah (Ghanaian) a Social work Lecturer at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi- Ghana to establish LoszuGhana Association(NGO) with the aim to help people interested in volunteering in Ghana to be able to do so at a relatively cheaper cost and also provide enough information about the projects, accommodation and other services we render to volunteers before coming to Ghana.
Not forgotten the effort of our past volunteers who has played an exceptional roles for the beginning of the organization. For instance , our first secretary of the office, Ms. Julia Schimpfoessl from Austria and our first Mentors, Ms. Martina Widmer from Switzerland, Ms. Katharina Sinn from Germany, Ms. Saana Porsanger from Finland, etc.

In 2008, Loszughana Association was registered as an NGO in Ghana and also had a branch as loszughana e.V in Germany.

Our main motivation is to listen the voice of volunteers, institutions, organizations etc. to provide the assistance they need in their admirable attempt to render their selfless service to the needy people and projects. The team, Douglas, M, Asare and Peter felt that assistance was lacking in the bigger organizations. We are looking forward to cooperate with bigger organizations to be able to serve the needy and people who needs help most in all endevours

LoszuGhana Today:

LoszuGhana is now a multinational organization championing the course of offering the youth and passionate people to explore beyond their horizon, break cultural barriers and promoting globalization. The organisation is led by the Board of the LoszuGhana Association(NGO) as Headquarters with assistance from the Board of the German loszughana e. V.. Former volunteers take part as mentors and prepare coming volunteers.

We offer you assistance and advice as to choosing your project, finding accommodation, organizing flights and vaccinations and answering any other questions you might have before going to Ghana.

Once you are in Ghana you will always have the opportunity to talk to people from the organization if you wish. You will see the other volunteers and the people from the organization in Ghana on the regular basis, so you have the opportunity to discuss your experiences with other people who are really in the same field as you are.

LoszuGhana is also embarking on a massive Children's Village Project which is aimed at given a better life for street kids and also Orphans in the Kumasi Metropolis. This project is hoping after completion will help the kids in the home and sub villages around as foster care to develop their talents and creativity as well. You can visit our second website www.loszughana-orphanage.ch for more updates of the project.

LoszuGhana as part of the community:

We offer our local and foreign volunteers the opportunity to volunteer in our projects, promote cross-cultural integration through our voluntary work programmes, all at a relatively low but fair prices for all parties involve. The NGO raises awareness on social issues, is active with its HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign, providing better home for orphans and street kids, embarking on different Malaria Prevention Actions and the promotion of healthy style of living. But most importantly we always selects projects that we feel are making a difference. Most of our project are grassroots-projects, which means that they have been started by Ghanaians who saw the need for change and then took action. We want to encourage more Ghanaians to take maters in to their own hands.