C.I.L Charity Home


Compassion Is Love (C.I.L) Charity Home is an orphanage with about 37 children. The orphanage also includes a school with kindergarten and preschool classes.
Older students attend a public school which is located close to the orphanage.

Volunteer work:

1. Volunteers are looking after the children

  • Bathing the kids and preparing them for school
  • Helping the kids to eat before going to school
  • Helping prepare their meals at the kitchen
  • Assisting in feeding the kids
  • Assisting in doing their homework
  • Story telling time
  • Taking care of the younger babies at home
  • Escorting the kids to school
2. teaching subjects like art and sport
3. do manual work on the projects fishpond and farming on the land together with the children
  • planting of food crops

Volunteers are hosted in the project in the same premises as the children but in separate room.

Brong Ahafo Region