LoszuGhana Children’s Village

The children’s village project is an initiative by the organization to provide home for needy, orphans, widows and street children’s. The project is embarked in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The completion of the project which is a  five year development plan is estimated to provide home for 35 kids.

Also see www.loszughana-orphanage.ch

Volunteer work:

1. Construction of family houses:

  • Carrying of bricks, sand, stones, cement etc.
  • Laying of bricks
  • Fetching of water
  • Digging of the ground
  • Painting the houses
  • Fixing of doors, roofing etc.
  • Tiles
2. Farming
  • Fish farming: (feeding fish from fish feed  in stock at the village)
  • Sheep farming: (collecting sheep feed from homes in Adwampong and prepare them for feeding)
  • Rabbit: (cleaning rabbit house and changing their water)
  • Snail farming: (feeding snail  with leaves)
  • Poultry farming: (free range type of keeping the poultry birds,): feeding the chicks, changing their water and cleaning chicken cage.
3. Gardening:
  • Designing of layout
  • Planting of flowers
  • Caring of flowers in such as  e.g. watering, trimming

Volunteers stay in Adwampong with Mr. Boatengs family (Board Member of the village)

Adwampong- Lake road