St. Joseph basic school for disabled childrend - We are one ( Yeye Baako)


In the year 2006 Mr. Andria Kneel from Germnay started this special school for disabled children in collaboration with the Ghana Education Service (GES) in Obuasi. The project started only with 6 children and one teacher ,who was trained by the founder. 

Currently 35 disabled children at the ages of 5 up to 16 years, visit this school and are taught by 5 teachers. The school is located next to a normal primary school, so that all of the children spend break together.

Volunteer Work:

  1. Supporting the teachers in lessons and start little projects to entertain and educate the children.
  2. Main focus is to enlighten prejudices towards disabled people.
  3. Making contacts between the normal primary school and "we are one" at break time to grow into a community.
  4. The children do not get feeding from school each day to sustain, they eat after close of school at their various homes. There is no governmental support for the feeding , only for the normal primary school.If there could be any such support from volunteers to find a solution for this problem ,it will go long way to help.
  5. Also the transportation to the school is a big problem for some parents, because of money and time,so that it´s easier to keep the children home. Thereby this is affecting the appropriate education and care.
  6. Making plans of finding a permanent place for disabled children after they finished school.


Volunteers will live in a guest family, close to the project.


Obuasi- Ashanti Region , 2 hours drive from Kumasi