G.C. Home and School

G.C. Home and School  is a small school established by Mr. Sherif, with the aim of helping to provide education for the needy and less privileged kids. He caters for the needy children whose parents are not able to afford their expenses to have basic education. The school is next to his families house. The school has a creche for the youngest children and goes up to Junior High School. There is also a new school annex, founded in 2011. This project is just on its way to develop to a big school. At the moment they just cater for small children but they are planning to expand to teach up to the age of 14 in the near future. With founding the school annex Mr. Sherif can now  financially support the second school.

Volunteer work:

  • Support by teaching subjects such as basic Mathematics, English, Science, ICT, Sports
  • Assisting pupils which need special attention in the class
  • Environmental cleanliness and degradation
  • HIV/AIDS awareness creation in the primary school
  • playing with kids

Volunteers are hosted in Mr. Sherifs family and normally share their rooms with other volunteers.

1 hour to drive from Kumasi