Educational Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Centre


A home for children and adults with physical disabilities, disabilities range from hearing impairment, blindness, movements and talking difficulties.

Age range is between 14 to 40 years of age. A total number of 30 students reside at the center and are catered for by personnel who engage them in vocational training such as basketry, leather works, beads making, dress making and hair dressing etc.

School calendar is organized in two semesters and each semester last for a period of 3 months of active work in school and 4 months break due to the nature of the condition of students.

Volunteer work:

1. Literacy promotion

  • Teaching basic mathematics and English which is essential for their vocational training
  • Units and measurement conversion
  • Assisting with vocational work (leather work, basketry, beads making, hairdressing, etc.)
  • Computer training and tuition
2. Co curricular activities
  • Organizing games
  • Organizing entertainment
3. Farming
  • Cultivation of maize
  • Cultivation of beans
  • Dehusking and bagging of maize grains


Interns will live in the same compound or in close proximity to the project but in their own separate rooms.

25 min to drive from Kumasi