Christian School and Orphanage


The Christian School and Orphanage is a private School and Orphanage founded in 1996 by Mr. Boateng.

Over 500 pupils between the ages of three and fifteen attend the school. The school comprises nursery (6 months - 1 year) and pre-school classes, six primary school classes (5-12 years) and three lower secondary school classes (Junior High:13-16 years). The school complex also includes a dormitory area which houses the school’s 150 orphans as well as other pupils from the region who live too far away to travel to and from school every day.

Children from poor families and orphans attending the ECSO are not obliged to pay school fees. Furthermore, families experiencing temporary financial difficulties can obtain a reduction in school fees for the current school term.

Mr. Boateng cultivates two fields (cocoa and maize) as well as an orangery to enable him to feed the children, in particular the orphans, living in the dormitory. Before and after school the older children help him to harvest, beat and dry the maize (according to the season) and to tend to the orangery and cocoa plantation.

Volunteer work:

The volunteer workers teach according to their wishes and personal ability.

Volunteer workers teach the following subjects: English, Information Technology, French, Mathematics, Art and Physical Education. With the exception of French classes, all lessons are taught in English.

The volunteers also help to pick up students in the morning with the school bus and assist in preparing the evening meals and carrying out a range of household chores.


Each volunteer has his/her own room which is situated next to the school at Mr. Boatengs house.

45min. to drive from Kumasi