Mary Fofie Memorial School

A small school with approx. 300 pupils. The pupils range from 2-12 years.
The School runs three stages: nursery (6 months- 1 year), kindergarten (2-4 years) and primary school (5-12 years). The area is made of 3 small buildings. One is an ICT lab with about 12 computers (no internet). The other buildings consist of 7 classrooms. Each class has their own teacher and many of the teachers are young people.

Volunteer work:
Teaching by yourself or assisting the local teachers. Also Volunteers keep an eye on the children in the breaks and watch for them on the way back to the village (5 min walk on the road but with the children it takes of course longer). Other tasks are environmental cleanliness and degradation,extra curricula activities- soccer, volley ball and others, working in the kitchen and teaching of ICT, basic mathematics and English language in the primary school.

Volunteers are hosted in a host family. The host mother is the leader of the school.

25 min to drive from Kumasi