16 February 2011 by douglas

The staff members of LoszuGhana wants to congratulates all Volunteers of the organization of their successful contributions in their various projects. We say Bravo!!!!!, continue keeping your head up . Greetings from the Office. Best Regards, Douglas Yaw Nkrumah (Programme Coordinator)
19 January 2011 by douglas

LoszuGhana Associations on the 20th of January 2011 begins regular check on Volunteers contribution in their various projects. Regards from the Director, Programme and Project Coordinator to all. Afenyiapaooooooooooh:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17 December 2010 by douglas

LoszuGhana Volunteers will be spending their Christmas Holiday at the Busua Beach in the western region of Ghana from the 22nd December,2010. Loszughana Office wishes its family members as well as friends and visitors of our site " Merry Christmas" in advance. May 2011 be a successful...
15 December 2010 by douglas

Ann-Rebecca donated bags of Rice, Tin tomatoes and a goat as a Christmas presents to the disabled at the Rehabilitation Center.
15 December 2010 by douglas

on the 14- 15 of December,2010,LoszuGhana Volunteers Visited 11 selected projects of the organization within the Kumasi metropolis. This is an initiative of the organization to show the volunteers other projects which is been managed by the organization and also to have an idea of each other...
12 December 2010 by Nana

Two LoszuGhana Volunteers on Behalf of the Rotary Club of Austria donated a bag of rice, assorted items to the Rehabilitation centre in Kumasi. Similar donations were also given to some other projects of LoszuGhana including The LoszuGhana Childrens Village, The Grannys’ Children Home at...
7 December 2010 by douglas

LoszuGhana Office will be going on Christmas Holiday from the 17th of December, 2010 till the 1st week of January 2011. General public are advise to forward their queries or concerns for addressing before the stipulated date. LoszuGhana Office wishes its members and the general public " Merry...
1 December 2010 by douglas

On 27th November,2010 Loszughana Staff ,Volunteers(Local & foreign) and Rented Car were on the Land to pack 3000 blocks already made from about 150 meters to the main land. Secondly, The woods were prepared well by the Chain Saw Operator and are in the sun to dry well to be used when the...
24 November 2010 by douglas

On 20th November,2010 Loszughana Staff and Volunteers were digging Sand and mixing it with Cement for making block. Already 2500 blocks has been made to commence the project. Secondly, preparing wood for the building construction is in progress. LoszuGhana has purchased three big tress which...
14 November 2010 by douglas

Volunteers together with Staffs and the Village on Saturday 13th of November, 2010 commenced the project by making blocks for the building. Activities were digging the sand for making blocks. soon loszughana will launch the Childrens village site and all photos and infos will be shown on the...
3 November 2010 by douglas

  On Saturday 6th November,2010, Volunteers of LoszuGhana and friends will visit the LoszuGhana Children's Village Land and a grand durbar to meet the chief and people of Adwampong village. The idea is to show the Volunteers the land purchased for the construction of the Children...
1 November 2010 by douglas

LoszuGhana office begins their monthly check up on Volunteers in their Families and respective Projects begins today. .
1 November 2010 by douglas

Selina from Germany Eva from Germany Jana from Austria Magdalena from Austria has arrived safely in Ghana and are receiving their orientation at the office before they begin their project
30 October 2010 by douglas

Verina was a new volunteer for loszughana. she was suppose to help in an orphanage but her father is sick back home in Germany and has just left yesterday to see her father. news from Ghana. Douglas Programme Coordinator
30 October 2010 by douglas

Verina was a new volunteer for loszughana. she was suppose to help in an orphanage but her father is sick back home in Germany and has just left yesterday to see her father. news from Ghana. Douglas Programme Coordinator
20 October 2010 by douglas

It is possible that a volunteer arrives in Ghana earlier than the stipulated time of arrival known by the office in Ghana. And this could be due to change in flight arrangements, error in entering flight details on the data base, delay in local procedures for airport pickup,etc. This could...
30 September 2010 by Administrator

The new loszughana website is launched!
17 September 2010 by Nana

LoszuGhana Association( worldwide) today commenced their meeting to discuss matters of interest pertaining to the organization. Participants include “Returnees” past volunteers and other officials of LoszuGhana Association. It conference is expected to last till Sunday 19th September, 2010.
1 August 2010 by Nana

LoszuGhana Association has added new on-going projects to their list of projects on their website. These new projects include a rehabilitation centre, orphanage and schools which are found in the Sunyani Metropolis in the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. This step is part of their measure to extend...
3 June 2010 by Nana

LoszuGhana Association is reaching out to all past volunteers and interested person to share their opinions new ideas and give suggestions on their forum concerning a new concept of  Multinational Organization to be incorporated soon and an evaluation of their voluntary work programme.