Frequently Asked Questions - preparations

You have to organize a flight to Accra, health insurance, Visa application, get all needed vaccinations and buy all the stuff you are going to need in Ghana.
We are going to find a project for you and make sure they’ll receive you.
Also we assign a mentor for you, who prepares you for your stay in Ghana and answer any question you might have. While you are in Ghana the LoszuGhana Team supports you in questions and problems.

We are not responsible for your insurance. Please make sure that you have an insurance for your whole stay in Ghana which also take you back to your home country in case of continued sickness.

Also you need some vaccinations. The most important is yellow fever. Without this vaccination, you are not able to get a Visa. You have to show your Vaccination Card at the Accra International Airport.

Other useful vaccinations are Hepatitis A/B, Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio, Typhus, Rabies. These are regards of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany. Please have a look on the website of your home country Ministry for more information. Also you should talk to a tropical doctor, who is responsible for giving you the vaccination against yellow fever.

Either Traveller-Cheques, Visa-, Master-, or Maestro-Card is fine. The easiest is Visa since availability is the highest and Nationwide is the best value as they don’t charge when you withdraw abroad.

It is easy (and cheaper) to buy clothes in Ghana if you want to travel light, but bring enough clothes for the first week. You can buy material on the market and the local tailors will make it for you.