Frequently Asked Questions - Pastoral Programme

Yes, there are people in project and host family who speaks fluent english, but in the community might be just a few.

You can withdraw money in the city, but there are no ATM machines in the villages.
Yes, all projects located in villages have electricity but you should still bring flash lights because of frequent power outages in Ghana.

If there are more volunteers in your project you have likely to share your room with them.

Yes, all projects are close to government hospitals which are good quality.

If you are sick you will be assisted by your host family or project to hospital, in severe cases a member of the LoszuGhana Team in Ghana will be assigned to your assistance to see a doctor.

Once in a while there might be one but it's very scarce to have one, its more easier to get trotro (mini vans).

Yes, there are trotros (mini vans) which run usually from 4am to 10pm each day.

 Yes, there is clean water from well which is clean for drinking and other uses.