Frequently Asked Questions - Case of sickness

No, you are uninsured by LoszuGhana. We are not responsible for organizing your insurance.
Please organize an insurance by yourself and make sure you are covered by insurance the whole stay in Ghana.
It is important that they attend you back to your home country in case of continued sickness.
If you need support, your Mentor helps you to find an abroad insurance.

The medical care in Ghana is good. In the cities like Accra, Kumasi or Tamale are high standard hospitals.
The doctors and nurses are good qualified and well versed in tropical disease.
In case of sickness we normally attend you to "Siloam Hospital Kumasi" where we already know the staff.

If you are sick, the LoszuGhana Team in Ghana will take care of you. We attend you to hospital and support you in everything you need. You can also call your mentor, if you want to.
Please notice that you always have inform the LoszuGhana Staff if you are sick!
Tropical disease can become bad without treatment very fast.