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Hello! :-)


My name is Lisa, I am from Germany 26 years old and interested in working/supporting a project in Ghana this year in September /October so for two month in total. I was wondering about the exact cost I nee to pay for it, Visum, flight, and the money I am going to spend for your organisation support.

It is not really clear to me on your website what the €700 for two month plus the additional once showen below or are these costs included ni the €700?


I really look forward to hearing back from you,


best regards, Lisa

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Dear Lisa, the 769€ are the

Dear Lisa,

the 769€ are the total costs for two month. The list below is to show you, what the 769€ constist off in detail. Which means included is the following:

  • Organization of project and host family
  • Airport pickup cost
  • Language course and orientation
  • "Volunteer welfare" (emergency responses cost)
  • Support to LoszuGhana Project (Children's Village)
  • General costs of the foreign office
  • Administrative costs of LoszuGhana Office in Ghana
  • Feeding and Accommodation

Not included are Visa, Flight and your personal pocket money. The Visa for germans cost 50€, the flight cost depends on the airline you choose and range between 500-800€.

We would like to welcome you on our website. You can apply unbindingly and fill a questionary. After that we assign a mentor for you who answer all your first questions about LoszuGhana and who prepares you for your stay in Ghana if you decide to join the LoszuGhana Volunteer Service.

Best regards,

your LoszuGhana Team