19 Mai 2010 by Nana

As part of the preliminary activities towards the orphanage building, LoszuGhana Association held another meeting to discuss matters of interest pertaining to the orphanage. Representatives who participated included Tamara from Switzerland, Peter, Douglas, Nana, Steven and Mr. Boateng all form the...
29 April 2010 by Nana

Currently almost all volunteers are traveling as a result of the school Holidays/ vacation period. This holiday period like any other weekend, forms part of the time when volunteers have some free time.
25 April 2010 by Nana

A delegate from the Amici dei Popoli(NGO) in Italy last Sunday(18.04.10) visited the Cherubs orphanage, Rehabilitation Centre and the Great Achievers School respectively. The visit was part of their inspection programme in collaborating with partner organization in recruiting new projects with...
25 April 2010 by Nana

Loszughana has held another successive midyear camp again. The camp which was scheduled for last weekend 16th April, hosted 10 people including volunteers.
25 April 2010 by Nana

Once again Loszughana will be embarking on their usual mid-term of stay camp for their volunteers for the year 2010 to be held from 16th -18th this month at the mount Olivet retreat centre. This camp is described as a multifunctional one since it’s programmed to evaluate the “END” of stay of some...
25 April 2010 by Nana

On the 1st day of April the Great Achievers School was hit by a massive rainstorm which destroyed a whole lot of properties including the roof of the school building ripping off and allegedly destroying some parts of the neighboring houses. It was estimated an amount of GHȻ6000.00 will be required...
25 März 2010 by Administrator

1. Summary 2. Innovations 3. Staff News 4. Activities 5. Internal 1. Summary Last year we had 25 volunteers from Finland, Germany, England, Switzerland, Austria and the USA who joint our volunteer-program in Ghana. At times eleven volunteers stayed in Ghana at same time to work in Schools...
24 November 2009 by Administrator

Officially loszughana is registered as a association in Germany! Es hat geklappt: offiziell existiert nun loszughana als gemeinnütziger eingetragener Verein!
21 November 2009 by Administrator

Since today we are registered in Germany too as a non-profit Association now called loszughana e. V.!
10 Juni 2009 by Administrator

In January 2009 loszughana conducted a seminar for all volunteers of Loszughana in the Children House School. From the perspective of the Loszughana team it ran very successfull. On three days, the volunteers had the opportunity to discuss with each other and to reflect on their stay in Ghana...
20 Juli 2008 by Administrator

It becomes clear that the current fees are not enough to cover our expenses in Ghana. Therefore we have decided to demand more money for our services:     * 100 GHCedis for organisation of a host family and the project     * 50 GHCedis pick up from the airport,...
10 April 2008 by Administrator

Finally, may we present the English translation of Loszughana: John, a volunteer from London and I have put some effort into the translation into the site and have nearly finished. Moreover, new pictures of were projects were taken. Also we could increase our...
5 März 2008 by Administrator

The reason for this site is to help people to volunteer in Ghana. The reader will find information and assistance so as to volunteer in Ghana without an expensive organization.