Frequently Asked Questions - travelling

You are free to travel on weekends and during vacations. Also you might plan a travelmonth at the end of your stay where you have time to explore Ghana/West Africa. The only restriction is that we want you to stay in the region of your project in the first month of your stay and not to travel far. The reason is that we think you should first get to know Ghana before you travel on your own.

No, as long as you don’t travel during the night this shouldn’t be a problem.

For travelling its good to have a travel guide. In this way you get a lot of information about the country and the people living there. Also you can find cheap guesthouses, hotels and buses.

For germany there is only one travel guide:

"Ghana - praktisches Reisehandbuch für die Goldküste Westafrikas Jojo Cobbinah" Peter Meyer Verlag  (sehr zu empfehlen wenn man nicht immer alles übersetzen will ;)

But there are more english ones which are also really good and give you a lot of information.