Frequently Asked Questions - Malaria

In most cases we suggest to take a Malaria prophylaxis. The most popular are Malarone(r) and Lariam(r). Please see a tropical doctor for more information and prescription.

Yes, you do!! Mosquito nets are the most important prevention against Malaria. Make sure that you always sleep under a mosquito net, if possible.

Normally in Europe/America mosquito nets are really expensive.
You can by cheap and good quality nets on Kumasi market on your arriving day in Kumasi.
(around 15cedi / 8euros)

We suggest to buy mosquito spray in your home country.
Only in a few supermarkets in Accra you can get good quality spray.
Most Mosquito sprays you get in Ghana don't have enough "Deet" inside so they won't protect you from tropical mosquitos. The Ministry of foreign affairs of your home country informs about recommend sprays against tropical mosquitos.
Please notice that in most cases the need of mosquito spray is underestimated!